Healthy Food, Happy Tummy


I took a lot of pictures of food while working at Mi Vida Cafe. This little vegan restaurant was located in Miami, FL and only served freshly prepared organic meals. I worked with the Chef and owner, Daniela LaGamma as her assistant in...   ...well everything! The restaurant just opened and needed a major online marketing boost so we joined forces as I helped her with her website, facebook up keep, photography and general managing of the store. We worked so much! But it was worth it, seeing this small business thrive, all while promoting a healthy life style is pretty rewarding.

One of my responsibilities when working at "Mi Vida Cafe - Organic & Vegan Cuisine" was to constantly come up ideas and execute those concepts to keep things fun and spicy for our guests at the store and our public online. These are some of my favorites but I honestly don't know how we had the time to do all these stuff and run a restaurant simultaneously.

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