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My name is Brian and can I do a little bit of everything.  I started drawing when I was a kid, but this skill quickly evolved into design when, in my teen years, I learned to use various computer programs for animation, photo-retouching and vector graphics. Then I decided it was time for me to get back to my roots so I quit all the computer stuff for a while and painted for a few years.

In this time I created images that were much bigger than me and hung in art galleries. But the whole artist life style didn't really suit me. So I went back to digital, only this time, I went all for it. I learned to record and edit sounds for special effects and write music. I began filming and editing my own videos and did a lot of commercial and not so commercial photography too. I created my first websites and now I'm just kinda hanging out while I grow my own organic food at Nolichuckey Bluffs.



After over six years of experience with marketing in social media, I have to say, helping promote businesses online is quite a fun task.

I tend to go for photography first since I consider that one of my strongest skills. It helps me to easily showcase the services and products that a business has to offer on a weekly basis. Keeping the public informed and entertained. I also have experience in the entertainment business so I am not shy and quite quick to come up with humorous ideas to lighten things up so that people can relate to your friendly business in a more approachable way (asuming that you are all that friendly of course).

Complementing with whatever graphics might be needed, I can produce hand made images, vector graphics, digital painting and video to tell a story or just sell more stuff.

Social Media:

Web Design:

"Got Health?" was a playful series I did for an organic vegan cafe to promote their juice bar.

Websites are another one of my hobbies because, even though I am not the greatest at functional coding, I love design and can spend a lot of time and dedication making things pretty so that when people look at your webpage they want to see more. My latest website creation is Nolichuckey Bluffs B&B


All imagery in the Nolichuckey Bluffs website, including videos, was produced by me with the assistance of Grace Motta. If you would like me to build you a Wix website please contact me.

I created this image for social media to promote a watermelon dish special featured on the summer menu of Mi Vida Cafe

I created these interactive pieces for a crountryside bed and breakfast to encourage guests to follow, support and write online reviews for the business.



Employment History

- Feelance Graphic Design & Fine Arts 2005-1015. (Miami, FL)

- Freelance Photography 2012-2015. (Miami, FL/Forest City, NC)

- Chef’s Assistant & Marketing Director @ Mi Vida Cafe - Vegan Cuisine. Jan 2012 - Feb 2013  (Miami, FL)
Work duties: General managing of the store & employees. Marketing (online & in store), graphic design, photography, social media, web design, printing and store maintenance.

- Farmer’s Assistant @ Earthperks Farm & Organic Market. Feb 2013 - Sep 2014 (Forest City, NC)
Duties: Farmer's market, farm work,  store maintenance, photography, graphic design, web design, videography & marketing.

- Chef's Assistant @ Mi Vida Cafe Vegan Cuisine. Sep 2014 - Dec 2014 (Miami, FL)

- Video Editor & Art Director's Assistant @ Wildchild World - Event Design & Production Company. Feb 2015 - Nov 2015(Miami, FL)
Work duties: Concept design, sketching, stage design, painting costumes, photo-retouching, video/sound editing and  graphic design.

Current: I am fortunate to be at Nolichuckey Bluffs B&B Cabins in Greeneville, TN at the moment. I'm in charge of growing vegetables in a Hoop House for a 10 member CSA and I am also responsible for the marketing of the bussines providing creative photography, video work, web design and social media management.

Skills & Interests

  • Permaculture, Herbalism & Farming.

  • Creation of Sound & Music (Adobe Audition CS6)

  • Videography - Film & Edition (Various Programs)

  • Hand Illustration, Painting, Design, Installation and other various Arts & Crafts.

  • Photography - Canon EOS 5D + Editing (Adobe Photoshop CS6)

  • Marketing, Web Design and Vector Graphics (Adobe Illustrator & Dreamweaver CS4) Animation (Adobe Flash CS4)



LANGUAGES: English (fluent) / Spanish (fluent)


I avoid including current and ex-employers' contact information on my resume because they are all very busy people. But I maintain great relationships with all of them, we are still in contact and remain good friends. I'd be happy to provide their contact information if requested.


Logos I rendered for clients

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