Growing up in the Amazon, Konutko has always been fascinated with stories told by his elderly. Especially the ones about real life witches, cannibals and magical creatures that lurk the unforgiving jungles of South America.

These tales spawned nightmares that made him scared of sleeping at dark. Sleepless, he spent his nights drawing. Demons that once haunted him became the main inspiration for the characters of his most notable work. But as the artist kept exploring different media, he became conflicted with something. What if sharing this type of art wasn't such a good thing? Was he making the world a darker place by doing so?

The answer he found was rooted in balance, which became a tipping point in his career as he started to not only portray the demons from his nightmares, but also the angels and fairies from his dreams as well.
This led to more exposure, people seemed to react a lot better to the angelical characters than they did to the demonic ones. It became a successful link to businesses that needed design with a positive feel, providing them with his very whimsical version of illustrated graphic design. And now, somehow, the wide combination of interests that were once just hobbies, became his business, as he provides professional services of graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, video, music composition and art commissions to others, all while still not being able to sleep at night. But it’s not from fear anymore, now it's just a matter of quiet times, inner growth and inspiration.

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