Working with Millhaven Press:


Millhaven Press has provided me with a lot of opportunities to be creative. These anthology series tell plenty of  unusual stories. I get to pick which story to feature on the cover art, and the goal is to begin telling the story before the reader even opens the book.


The assignments vary. For the terror edition, it was to shock, for Shadow Realms, it was to intrigue, and for most others, it was to simply create an eye catching image that conveys the general mood of the whole book.

Working closely with the writers, I make sure the characters featured are represented in full, with attention to detail to keep the eye looking deeper and deeper into these fantastic worlds.


Designing a welcome book:

The mission for this project was to showcase the vacation resort's cabins, home made breakfast, outdoor beauty, southern hospitality & general feel.


I achieved this by using my photography skills, illustrations, map art, ornate logo & intuitive design to create an eye-catching book that grabs the guest's attention with its colorful pictures while also telling the story of the family owned business, providing helpful information about ground rules and even serving as 'merch' in the B&B's gift shop.

This fiction saga kept me busy for a while. Designing characters, covers, title, logos and even poster art.

A.J. Stewart is a very creative self publishing writer. Her story dwells deep in character detail and as my task, I had to follow up, and illustrate them as true to the story as possible.



art, design & lettering

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All art, lettering, design & illustrations in this page were created by me following the clients needs and directions.

You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions.

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